Paul Tymkin

Paul is our Horticultural Manager who brings his creativity and passion to creating beautiful gardens for our clients. His favourite plant is a libertia peregrinans. He loves nothing more than a nice coffee with his family, and aspires to create gardens that offer surprises, beauty and interest.

Kelsey Liddle

Kelsey is an enthusiastic team leader with a positive energy that she brings to the interesting gardens she creates. Her favourite plants are those with beautiful flowers, such as magnolias and rhododendrons. In her spare time she enjoys playing golf and is also planning her wedding with contruction team leader Ryan Isaac - they met and fell in love at Aspen!

Nicola Wootton

Nicola is currently an apprentice gardener and has been with us for just over 6 months, bringing her bubbly personality and infectious laugh to gardens all around Wellington. 

Mark Hopkins

Mark is a a great member of our gardening team.  Before working for us at Aspen he was a Truck Driver, Farm Manager and Herd Manager. He is now right in his element working with our Professional Gardening Services team.

Hamish Gravitt

Hamish has been gardening for over 20 years and has a keen eye for detail. His favourite plant is a Rimu tree, as they are solid and versatile like Hamish. In his spare time he enjoys woodcrafting and making furniture, and aspires to own a 50 acre orchard and bed and breakfast.

Alison Joyce

Alison has been a gardener for 15 years, and has a Diploma in Landscape Design and enjoys reading about strange and foreign places. She loves winter planting and wants to travel the world visiting beautiful gardens. She strives to be happy in what she does and be content with the simple pleasures in life - family, food and friends.

Andy Bateup