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Landscape Architect

Tom Steck is our in-house designer. Driven by a passion for the outdoor living space, he graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours) from Lincoln University. He also has previous experience in landscape construction and horticulture. 

You may need a concept plan, just to get you started with your ideas or otherwise a more complex job may require a full design/build plan. 

Tom's plans and digital sketches are both beautiful and functional keeping in mind our construction teams need to implement them practically and within your budget requirements.

Initial consultation

Tom will meet you onsite to determine how best to achieve your vision, this visit is free of charge.  He will discuss the specific goals for the project and establish a mutually agreeable expectation, timeline and budget.

Concept development

Tom will survey your site and prepare a base plan to accurately design your landscape.  He will explore multiple solutions to your particular project and prepare a series of conceptual drawings using Vectorworks and other rendering software.  We review this with you along with a preliminary cost projection for the proposed scope of work.  

Final plan

If it is determined a final plan or ‘master plan’ is required, the landscape architect will prepare a professionally rendered scale drawing of the site.  This will involve construction details required for features such as grading, pergolas and custom designed landscape features. 

Planting plan

Selecting plants that will thrive in the growing conditions of your site and locating them for visual appeal and health are our main concerns when preparing a planting plan for you.  Included on the plan is a plant schedule listing the botanical and common names of plants used, quantities and sizes for easy reference. 

Irrigation/lighting plan

These plans are developed to show in detail the lighting or irrigation systems.  Both lighting and irrigation can be incorporated into any landscape, hardscape or waterscape project. 

Concept Development

Final Plan

Lighting Plan

Planting Plan